Episode 28: Buzz For The Lost

Further Reflections presents two new interviews, Ron St. Louis and David McGee. Mark interviewed Ron before back in 2011. At that time Ron was concerned with peak oil and energy issues but was just getting into beekeeping. Now it is a main interest in his life and source of income. Ron runs the business Capital Bees where he sells honey, breeds bees and does a beekeeping apprenticeship program. In the interview Ron discusses all things bees including a trip to a conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2017. He also returns to some of the themes of the first interview towards the end. David McGee is the man behind the Lost Ottawa website and facebook page which is one of the largest local interest pages of its kind in Ottawa. Lost Ottawa shares pictures of Ottawa as it was then and elicits lots of memories and nostalgia from people online. Recently it was turned into a two book project and has proved very successful in that format too. David discusses all things ‘lost’ as well as reflects on time spent living in Boston and Berlin, Germany.