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Episode 31: Intimate Authentic Experiences

In this episode of Further Reflections we welcome back Pamela French to the show. Pamela is the woman behind the Authentic Relating Ottawa community, which can be found on facebook and meetup. Pamela recaps her last year full of exciting changes. Pamela has taken leave from her job to focus on creating authentic experiences for people whether at games nights, edgy or otherwise, or weekend workshops or in the workplace. Find out what is alive for Pamela in this new interview and check out Pamela’s previous interview here . In the second part of the episode Mark returns to talk about his time in China teaching English. This time he recounts a memorable three weeks in Western and Central China in the summer of 2005. He reflects on time spent in Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Xi’An and Bejing among other interesting stops along the way. In the Final Five minutes Mark talks about Oscar Romero.

Episode 10: Brian Tohana

Further Reflections returns with an interview with Brian Tohana. Brian doesn't like to label himself but offers Transformational Life Coaching services. In the interview he talks about his work with an elderly man with dementia, how meditation led to a spiritual awakening, Authentic Relating Games, his inspirations and interests, an upcoming book he is co-authoring and more. Visit or to find out more.