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Episode 35: From Happiness to Freedom

In this episode Stephen Whiteley joins the show to discuss his work as The Happiness Coach and how he is transitioning to becoming The Freedom Coach. Mark has read Stephen’s book Happiness Works and they discuss moving from fear to love, how happiness is in the doing, the path extraordinary people take, how emotional wellness in different countries accounts for happiness there and of course freedom. Visit to follow Stephen’s work. In the second half of the podcast Mark recounts a recent trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mark visited the harbour, The Citadel, Maud Lewis House and several churches among other interesting sights. He also took some day trips to Peggy’s Cove, Terrence Bay and Fisherman’s Cove and got to enjoy a taste of life in Atlantic Canada. Hear about the 50th anniversary edition of the documentary Woodstock as well, which was playing in Halifax while Mark was there. In the Final Five minutes Mark shares some fun facts from the 1500s. Click here to take Further Reflections’ survey, available til the end of September.

Episode 34: The Girls of Summer

In this new episode of Further Reflections Mark profiles some female trailblazers. First we hear an interview with Adele Stratton of the Phoneix Rising Healing Centre. Adele is an integrational manual therapist and talks about her healing practice, self-love, quality vs quantity of life, travel, work with the embryo among other interesting topics. Click here to hear Mark’s previous interview with Adele from 2013. In the second half of the podcast Mark profiles some young breakout actresses and their movies from this summer. Learn about Jessie Buckley, Florence Pugh, Honor Swinton Byrne and Awkwafina via their movies Wild Rose, Midsommar, The Souvenir and The Farewell. In the Final Five minutes Mark plays some music by Rebecca Noelle. Click here to take Further Reflections’ Survey.

Episode 30: Yoga and Memorable Movies

In this episode of the podcast we talk about yoga, meditation, kirtan and the movies. The guest in the first half is Ivy Xie McIsaac of Wishingtree Yoga. Ivy is originally from Guangzhou, China and touches on life during the Cultural Revolution, how she discovered yoga in the 90s and the influence of Tibet on her life. She also discusses her book A Complete Yoga Manual, the origins of yoga and spirituality vs religion. To learn more visit In the second half Mark reflects on some of his favourite movies from the 2000s. These include Before Sunset, the story of second chances, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, about a robbery gone wrong, Traffic, which discusses the war on drugs from different angles, The Secret in Their Eyes, which showcases how Argentina changed over a twenty year period through the lens of a murder investigation and Lost in Translation, with two kindred spirits of different generations meeting in Tokyo. In a new segment called The Final Five Mark also reads from the book Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Episode 29: Out of Your Comfort Zone

In this episode of Further Reflections we hear an interview with Dr. Emma Mardlin. Emma is the author of Out of Your Comfort Zone: Breaking Boundaries for a Life Beyond Limits. The book offers effective working tools to conquer our deepest fears, be they minor or major, and harness them to achieve our ultimate goals, establish higher purpose and get everything we want. Visit to learn more. In the second half of the podcast Mark talks about stepping outside of his comfort zone when in 2004 he went to Fuzhou, China to teach English as a Second Language. Mark was the only Non-Asian teacher at a vocational language school and got to visit some unique towns and villages. Along the way Mark reflects on time spent in Fujian as well as trips to Shanghai, Jiangsu and Hubei Provinces and how a new relationship impacted his life at the time.