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Episode 34: The Girls of Summer

In this new episode of Further Reflections Mark profiles some female trailblazers. First we hear an interview with Adele Stratton of the Phoneix Rising Healing Centre. Adele is an integrational manual therapist and talks about her healing practice, self-love, quality vs quantity of life, travel, work with the embryo among other interesting topics. Click here to hear Mark’s previous interview with Adele from 2013. In the second half of the podcast Mark profiles some young breakout actresses and their movies from this summer. Learn about Jessie Buckley, Florence Pugh, Honor Swinton Byrne and Awkwafina via their movies Wild Rose, Midsommar, The Souvenir and The Farewell. In the Final Five minutes Mark plays some music by Rebecca Noelle. Click here to take Further Reflections’ Survey.

Episode 32: Justice, Climate and Growth

In this episode of Further Reflections we hear two new interviews. Joe Gunn is the recent Executive Director of Citizens for Public Justice and currently the Oblate Centre in Ottawa. Joe will discuss themes from his book Journeys to Justice: Reflections on Canadian Christian Activism. He touches upon how everyday Christians and Churches in the past have moved the yardstick forward on issues related to social and ecological justice. Joe also spent 7 years living and working in Latin America and reflects on those experiences. Towards the end we touch upon Climate Change, climate grief and biophilia. The second interview is a familiar voice, that of Mike Nickerson. Mike is the founder of the Lanark Eco Village and the author of Life, Money and Illusion. Mike discusses issues related to limits to growth, Climate Change and puts forward a message of hope towards the end. Listen to Mike’s previous interview here or visit Mike on the web at . In the Final Five minutes Mark reflects on a recent trip to Montréal.